Bản quyền Autodesk Navisworks (BIM 4D)

Navisworks® is a professional project evaluation software that allows architects and engineers to synthesize models and data from a variety of sources (AutoCAD, Revit, Infraworks, Sketchup, Tekla ... For overall control of the results of the project.


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Navisworks is an Autodesk tool for the BIM process. It is a multi-model environment from various software such as AutoCAD, Infraworks, Sketchup, Revit, Tekla ... in many different formats. Bring a whole view of the project, improve the quality of project documentation and take the next steps in calculating time and cost of construction.

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Detect conflicts in the project model

Make the environment better aware of conflicts and minimize potential collisions in the model, reducing delays in progress and errors during construction.
Kết hợp nhiều định dạng Revit, Tekla, Sketchup

Gather multiple formats in one environment

Combining multiple design data sources from different software into a single model through publishing, data management and modeling tools.
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Analysis and simulation

Navisworks is a powerful 4D scheduling simulation tool, which provides project planning.

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Evaluation and observation of the project

Navisworks enables engineers and administrators to integrate 3D model data from a variety of sources and extremely fast, thereby providing a more accurate assessment of the project. Provide a visual view, collaborate on direct information exchange on the model, create simulation movies.

Analysis and simulation

The software provides a huge library of materials that can be used in buildings, plus light emitting functions, backgrounds and foreground settings that give a very intuitive look to. construction. Navisworks demonstrates the best power in supporting conflict analysis among objects in the model. All image overlaps and geometry will be included in the software package. necessary information. Maximum support for time-bound construction (BIM 4D), limited construction risks and shorter completion times.

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