Autodesk Revit In-House
Training Courses

Revit is one of the leading 3D design software that supports the BIM process - only one software that supports: architecture, structure and MEP.

Revit In-House Training Courses

Autodesk Revit - Platform for BIM model deployment

"To implement BIM in building, proficient use of Autodesk Revit is indispensable"

Revit is currently the most popular software with 3D modeling in AEC. Revit supports architecture, structure and MEP, and is the base software for implementing the BIM model. With continuous enhancements through each release, Autodesk is increasingly demonstrating that Revit is the best support tool in the BIM process..
Your business will certainly have to work regularly with Revit if you are using the BIM process or working with partners using this process - BIM is the current trend and future standards.

Standardize for best work efficiency

Revit is a powerful and diversified tool, which requires consistent and consistent quality of work, all of which must be standardized. The standards are set by Autodesk, plus the specifications of each company. For best results, these standards should be used rigorously during project operation. Some requirements to achieve the best quality:

  • All engineers are trained by Autodesk Authorized Training Centers, follow Autodesk Standard.
  • Engineers need to have Autodesk Certified Professional (internationally certified by Autodesk) in the field they are working on: Architecture, Structure, or MEP.
  • The company needs to set up a unified working process, setting strict rules in the process of working among company staff.
  • There should be uniform rules of design among partner companies.

Standardize the BIM process, using Revit

Training for enterprise services at OneCAD Vietnam

In-house training courses will focus on solving business problems - providing the best solution for the specific needs and the needs of each business.
Trung tâm đào tạo ủy quyền Autodesk



OneCAD Vietnam is the only authorized training center of Autodesk in Vietnam authorized to train 2 mechanical and aec fields. Training materials are incorporated from the Autodesk standard and the actual conditions of the engineer in Vietnam.
Đội ngũ giảng viên chất lượng Professional



Teaching staff at OneCAD Vietnam must be certified to be Autodesk Certified Professional, have experience and seniority in the industry. Certified by Autodesk ATC Instructor, regularly updated with the latest software features.
Tổ chức thi chứng chỉ Autodesk quốc tế



Students who successfully complete the course are eligible for the International Autodesk Certificate of Completion. OneCAD Vietnam is authorized to organization the Autodesk Certified Professional certification which is valid for worldwide use.
Training consultant: 091-501-7181 -

Customers and partners

OneCAD Vietnam has been trying to support the enterprise in standardizing the use of Revit software in particular and the software of Autodesk in general. The company also has the honor of working with leading companies in the industry.
 The company is trained Revit from the Autodesk Authorization Center
 Certified training center from AutodeskCertified training center from Autodesk
Certificate using Autodesk software
Certificate using Autodesk software
Autodesk Certified Revit ProfessionalAutodesk Certified Revit Professional
Chứng chỉ Inventor professional
Autodesk Certified Inventor Professional

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