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AutoCAD software is dedicated to mechanical design for manufacturing. Created to cater for mechanical engineering, AutoCAD mechanical has all the functions of AutoCAD standard plus a massive library of standard mechanical details and tools to accelerate the CAD drawing process in mechanics.

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With AutoCAD Mechanical, or, more precisely, "AutoCAD Full + Mechanical Tools" you will be able to install up to 2 version of AutoCAD software:

  • AutoCAD Full: It is a standard AutoCAD version, supporting 2D & 3D
  • AutoCAD Mechanical: It's a dedicated version for mechanical, including all AutoCAD Full features plus a library of over 300,000 standard mechanical details and a number of tools that help set up mechanical CAD drawings.
Mua AutoCAD Mechanical

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In addition to the full functionality of AutoCAD (a separate version of the independent), the mechanical version also includes professional functions for mechanical engineers.

Thư viện chi tiết cơ khí

Library of more than 700,000 standard mechanical details
Wide range of options from details to features

Đọc dữ liệu từ mô hình CAD 3D

Read data from 3D CAD models
Create and process drawings from 3D CAD models.

Hỗ trợ tiêu chuẩn bản vẽ quốc tế

Support international drawing standards
Support tools to create CAD drawings with international standards

Tùy biến thư viện

Customize the components in the library and save it
Create and edit components in the librarya Workshop về AutoCAD Mechanical.

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