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Autodesk Partner Program makes it easy to find professional partners who can help you achieve your business and production goals with Autodesk technology.

Maximize your business success with Autodesk Partner

The Autodesk Partner Program (updated February 2, 1818) is a program for authorized Autodesk partners who are certified and cooperated in providing Autodesk software licenses. The program is divided into 3 levels (tier): Reseller, Gold and Plantinum. The level will reflect the level of professional investment of the partner on the technical level and the support staff - customer consultation.

Reseller Partner is the level for partners with the lowest level of investment and training to be able to distribute Autodesk software at a basic level. Partners at Reseller level can provide Autodesk software in some basic areas and still be able to apply promotions from the vendor. This is a level for beginners to collaborate with Autodesk in providing software licensing, a market that may have many Resellers with varying levels of technical investment and support for Autodesk software. Registering to become a reseller is relatively simple.

Gold Partner is the level for Autodesk partners who specialize in Autodesk software in basic and specialized areas (engineering, construction, entertainment). Gold Partner will be working and receiving direct support from Autodesk in many categories. Partners will need to demonstrate the level of expertise, expertise, and business elements of Autodesk software with very rigorous evaluation criteria from the firm. Currently there are only 3 Gold Partners in Vietnam and the highest level in this market.
When working with partners at the Gold Partner level, the company will receive the best support for Autodesk software for: best market prices, support and technical advice. Especially at OneCAD Vietnam - Gold Partner, we are an authorized Autodesk software training center, and the only Gold Partner with this certification, we look forward to bringing the most comprehensive support to our customers.

Platinum Partner is the highest level Partner of Autodesk in the world, partners at this level usually only appear in large markets are using Autodesk software (in Vietnam no partner reached this level).

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