How to Add Autodesk Docs to Multi-User AEC Collection with Zero-Dollar SKUs

23 3 / 2021


In February 2021, Autodesk integrated Autodesk Docs software into AEC Collection Single-user subscription license which is still valid, implemented by an automated system, expected to be completed before April 30, 2021.

Besides, AEC Collection Multi-user are being applied Trade-in Policy to Single-user. Nevertheless, because of special using conditions, some companies need to maintain Multi-user subscription and it’s valid for renewing until August, 2022 following policy. Therefore, companies can use Multi-user subscription until 2023.

The information below is to guide policies, frequently asked questions to order Zero-Dollar SKUs to add Autodesk Docs software to AEC Collection Multi-user subscription license that is still valid.

Note: Autodesk Docs is software integrated into the AEC Collection, not distributed in a standalone license.


Autodesk is giving Autodesk Docs to customers who have AEC Collection subscriptions. For single-user customers, this was done systematically using an automated subscription process linked to the single-user AEC Collection itself.

How to Add Autodesk Docs to Multi-User AEC Collection with Zero-Dollar SKUsWith respect to multi-user AEC Collection customers, Autodesk is giving a standalone single-user subscription for Docs. For these multi-user customers, we will be providing access to new and renewal subscription SKUs for Autodesk Docs to allow additional seats of Docs, and to renew Docs in coordination with the multi-user AEC Collection lifecycle.


  • The use of the Autodesk Docs subscription is only valid in the context of providing a matching subscription to the customer’s existing multi-user AEC Collection subscription, the quantity is 1:1.
  • Autodesk Docs and multi-user AEC Collection should be in the same order where possible.
  • The standalone Docs subscription provided with the multi-user AEC Collection will be co-termed to the multi-user AEC Collection subscription end date.
  • If a customer trades in their multi-user AEC Collection license for a single-user license, the standalone single-user subscription of Docs is no longer valid since the Docs seats will be provided as part of the single-user AEC Collection. The customer’s seat count of standalone Docs will be monitored periodically and may be adjusted to match the seat count of the multi-user AEC Collection the customer has a valid subscription for.
If you have already renewed the multi-user AEC Collection prior to receiving access to the SKUs below, a separate order for just the Docs renewal can be submitted. Contact to OneCAD Vietnam for getting support to proceed Docs subscription for Multi-user AEC Collection with Zero-Dollar SKUs.
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