Civil 3D In-House Training Courses

Autodesk Civil 3D is a leading infrastructure modeling (BIM) solution in the infrastructure industry that has been used extensively in many large and small infrastructure projects.

Civil 3D Design Training Infrastructure

Autodesk Civil 3D - Tools to support BIM for technical infrastructure and civil

Civil 3D is a product built on the basis of AutoCAD, so Civil 3D provides a familiar design environment and allows you to store and share design data with existing AutoCAD users. Design and annotation labels are automatically displayed fast and synchronized when you make changes at any stage of the process. Civil 3D supports the survey, design and management of transportation projects, and technical infrastructure including water supply, drainage, ...

If your business is active in the field of infrastructure, Civil 3D will certainly be the perfect choice for a project that requires the use of the BIM process or to work with partners using this process - Because BIM is the current trend and future standards.

Apply effectively to achieve the best results

Civil 3D is a powerful software, however it is only really useful if the business applications in the right direction. With that in mind, we partnered with Autodesk to offer standard training courses with the following criteria:

  • The training materials are referenced from the official Autodesk documentation.
  • The instructors are equipped with Autodesk Certified Professional (certified internationally by Autodesk).
  • Trainers have the experience of working in the transmission and solving problems that businesses encounter the best way.

Standardize the BIM process, using Revit

Business training services at OneCAD Vietnam

In-house training courses will focus on solving business problems - providing the best solution for your specific needs. and the needs of each business.
Trung tâm đào tạo ủy quyền Autodesk



OneCAD Vietnam là trung tâm đào tạo ủy quyền duy nhất của Autodesk tại Việt Nam được phép đào tạo 2 mảng cơ khí và xây dựng (Autodesk Authorized Training Center). Giáo trình đào tạo được kết hợp từ tiêu chuẩn Autodesk và điều kiện thực tế của kỹ sư tại Việt Nam.
Đội ngũ giảng viên chất lượng Professional



Đội ngũ giảng viên tại OneCAD Vietnam đều phải có tiêu chuẩn đã đạt chứng chỉ Autodesk Certified Professional, có nhiều kinh nghiệm và thâm niên làm việc trong ngành. Được chứng nhận Autodesk Instructor, thường xuyên cập nhật những chức năng mới nhất của phần mềm.
Tổ chức thi chứng chỉ Autodesk quốc tế



Các học viên sau khi hoàn thành khóa học đều được tham dự kỳ thi Autodesk Certificate of Completion có giá trị quốc tế. OneCAD Vietnam được ủy quyền tổ chức thi chứng chỉ Autodesk Certified Professional có giá trị sử dụng trên toàn thế giới.

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Customers and partners

OneCAD Vietnam has been trying to support the enterprise in standardizing the use of Civil 3D software in particular and the software of Autodesk in general. We also have the honor of working with leading companies in the construction industry.
The company is trained Revit from the Autodesk Authorization Center
Certified from Autodesk training centerCertified from Autodesk training center
Certificate using Autodesk software
Certificate using Autodesk software
Revit Professional certification
Revit Professional certification
Certified Inventor Professional
Certified Inventor Professional

See more details about Autodesk International Standard Certification at
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