AutoCAD LT® 2D software enables you to draw 2D drafts more quickly and accurately. It's extremely cost effective and economical.


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Optimized for drafting 2D drafts and related documents

Provides flexible, cost-effective monthly and yearly packages. Buying a license AutoCAD LT provides the best 2D CAD drawing solution at the best price, if you only need 2D CAD drawings, LT version is the right solution. If you are having problems with the copyright, then AutoCAD LT is a cost-effective solution and still guarantees quality work.

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AutoCAD LT License
Market price: ~300$/year

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AutoCAD LT License

Popular and powerful

There are thousands of CAD software in the world and one of the most popular design software is AutoCAD from Autodesk. AutoCAD was first introduced in November 1982 and became one of the first engineering drawing software to run on personal computer systems. Up to now, AutoCAD has been one of the most important software in many different fields, such as building, engineering, architecture ...

AutoCAD LT license,
Efficient and economical solution

With the predecessor of AutoCAD Full 2D & 3D, AutoCAD LT is a shortened version of some features to focus on the needs of specialized 2D design in some businesses. Customers will get the best cost when deploying AutoCAD LT if demand is only for 2D use, especially now that Autodesk has migrated from a permanent license to a subscription.

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